Can Deer Antler Spray Help You With Mental Sharpness?

Deerantlers-stockphotoDeer antler spray has pushed its way into the spotlight lately. Of course, we can thank to football player Ray Lewis who used it right before winning the Super Bowl a few years ago. He used this spray to recover from his triceps injury. Lewis refuted the accusation, but had numerous individuals speculating if deer antler spray, an ingredient that is barred by the NFL. Its claims to raise strength and decrease muscle recovery time, as well as increase mental sharpness. The organic supplement like this Antler Farms pure deer antler velvet, created from the hair that veils male deer antlers, is a growth hormone recognized as IGF-1, which allegedly can restore cartilage injury and raise muscle mass and strength.

I know, sounds too good to be true, right? This is why there has been tons and tons of to take a deeper look into what deer antler spray can really do. Does it actually work? According to studies, the secret ingredient is Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1)

Now, there are many studies out there which have documented that deer antler velvet spray is meaningfully helpful for athletes. Actually, in the 1980s Soviet researchers tested the outcomes of deer antler velvet on the performance of Russian contestants through the Olympic Games.
Well, guess what? The outcomes were astonishing. Deer antler spray doesn’t just help raise the muscle mass and strength of Russian athletes, nevertheless likewise zoomed up their healing time from exercise.

Still not convinced, well, let’s look at another study. This involved Israeli athletes, and the spray was found to produce a key role in exercise-related muscle development and growth, in specific power sports and endurance performance.
So what makes this deer antler spray for endurance athletes so phenomenal? It’s the properties that help the following athletes:

• Enhanced mental functions
• IGF-1 can progress short and long-standing memory, focus and overall output. Researchers noticed that IGF-1 had the capability to correct the general health of the brain purposes.
Improve Muscle Physique/Strength
• IGF-1 is thoroughly connected to HGH and together the two hormones can intensely increase your muscle mass and strength in a small amount of time.
Other benefits of deer antler spray for endurance in athletes consist of: having a positive influence on your immune system and general health of your heart which all affects endurance.
Well, there you have it, deer antler spray for endurance athletes progresses your health and aids you to reach your fitness goals earlier in a safe, operative way. Athletes looking for endurance have been using this all-natural, supplement to gain ideal training results legitimately.